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What is IP KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse)?
IP KVM technology acts like a magical window into another computer far away. Imagine you're at home and need to access a computer or server located in a remote data center. With IP KVM, you can see the remote computer's screen, type on its keyboard, and move its mouse, all from your own computer. It operates over the internet, enabling you to be in one location while controlling a server situated anywhere in the world.

Here's how it works: IP KVM captures what's happening on the remote computer's screen and sends it to you over the internet. When you type on your keyboard or move your mouse, those actions are sent back to the remote computer in real-time. It's like there's an invisible cable stretching from your keyboard and mouse all the way to the computer you're controlling.

This is super handy for people who need to manage lots of servers in different places, like in big companies or data centers. You can fix problems, update software, and even start up servers without needing to travel to where they are. It's a powerful tool for making sure everything keeps running smoothly, no matter where you or your servers are.

1.Advantages of KVM

  • Immediate Access
    KVM provides direct access to the server’s hardware, bypassing the operating system. This immediate access is invaluable for troubleshooting issues that prevent the server from booting correctly.
  • Full Control
    Users gain full control over their server, including the ability to reboot, access the BIOS or UEFI settings, and configure hardware settings, all from a remote location.
  • Virtual Media and OS Installation
    One of the most powerful features of KVM technology is the ability to mount virtual media, such as ISO files, over the network. This allows users to install or reinstall the operating system directly from the KVM interface, streamlining the setup process and making it possible to deploy or change operating systems without physical access to the server.

2.Interspace's Instant KVM for Dedicated Servers

Interspace provides an innovative feature to our dedicated server hosting: instant, one-click KVM-over-IP access. This feature is accessible 24/7/365 directly from the My Interspace control panel, at no extra cost.

It eliminates the traditional wait times typically associated with support requests for this feature, which is often only enabled temporarily and usually incurs additional fees for permanent access. At Interspace, however, permanent access is provided at no extra cost.

Our KVM feature allows remote booting from your ISO images, facilitating seamless installation of any operating system. This flexibility ensures that server setup and maintenance can be performed quickly and with extensive customization, without the need for physical access or limitations imposed by pre-installed software environments.

To uphold the highest security standards, activating KVM through Interspace initiates stringent firewall protections. Coupled with two-factor authentication for My Interspace access, these measures guarantee that your server remains secure while offering the convenience of remote management. For detailed information on utilizing this feature, please read our guide on Remote KVM for Dedicated Servers.

The content of this document is licensed by Interspace under the MIT License

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