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What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?
A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a unique type of hosting service that offers you a private slice of a server's resources, almost as if you had your own separate physical machine. This technology allows users to enjoy the benefits of dedicated resources like memory and storage space, which are exclusively theirs to use.

The main advantage of VPS hosting is the balance it strikes between cost and performance. It offers the power and isolation of a dedicated server while being more affordable and easier to manage. Users have the freedom to configure their VPS as they see fit, installing their choice of software with root/administrator privileges, which makes VPS a versatile solution for a wide range of applications beyond just hosting websites. This includes running web applications, game servers, databases, and much more.

Despite being housed on the same physical server, each VPS operates independently, with its own operating system and can be rebooted separately. This isolation ensures that the actions of one VPS don't impact the performance of others.

Traditional VPS vs Interspace's Elastic Cloud VPS

The traditional VPS hosting services have their limitations, particularly when it comes to scaling resources quickly or ensuring uptime during hardware maintenance.

The VPS offering in Interspace is known as "Elastic Cloud VPS", a name exclusively used in our ecosystem, which represents a virtual machine running on an infrastructure built on advanced cloud and networking technologies.

Elastic Cloud VPS offers significant advantages over traditional VPS hosting, including very high availability, rapid deployment, advanced networking options, seamless scalability, easy-to-use data recovery and protection features, disk encryption, advanced web management and other advantages, making it future-ready for the next generation of applications and workloads. Read more

Elastic Cloud VPS is part of the Interspace Cloud Platform, in which the virtual servers and other cloud instances operate and move transparently across large clusters of redundant hardware resources, regularly maintained and upgraded, providing a seamless experience without any downtime for end-user services. Read more

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Elastic Cloud VPS is a virtual machine powered by advanced cloud and networking technologies, offering significant advantages over traditional VPS hosting at an unbeatable price to performance ratio.

Deploy OS and apps in just 1 min. Dynamically add or remove features. One click automatic backups, snapshots and disaster recovery replica, stored in a remote data center at a safe distance. New gen of AMD EPYC CPUs, ultra fast NVMe disks, dedicated connections and free private net.
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Highest-grade Internet access for professional needs. Superior point-to-point fiber-optic link, symmetrical down/up speed, unlimited traffic, SLA 99.9% and static IP. Direct connections to the top tier 1 global providers.

Our network architecture is passionately designed to ensure the highest quality connections to any destination worldwide, boasting unmatched transfer speeds and multi-tier redundancy.

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Power control options (reset, power off/on) and free of charge KVM-over-IP available 24/7 on a single click, including support to remotely boot/install your own ISO images.

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