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What Is Elastic Cloud VPS?
Elastic Cloud VPS represents a virtual machine running on an infrastructure built on advanced cloud and networking technologies, offering significant advantages over traditional VPS hosting.

The name 'Elastic Cloud VPS' is exclusively used in the Interspace ecosystem, referring to a product with capabilities comparable to those of Amazon EC2 and Google Compute Engine.

Built with future-ready technology, Elastic Cloud VPS is ready to support the next generation of applications and workloads, making it an ideal environment for growth and innovation. Key features include:

1.High Availability

Unlike traditional VPS hosting, where virtual servers are tied to a single physical machine, the Elastic Cloud VPS and other systems in our cloud operate across clusters of redundant hardware resources, spanning multiple datacenters.

This architecture ensures that when part of the infrastructure requires maintenance, whether due to hardware faults or routine improvements, the cloud systems transition to another operational infrastructure without any downtime. With systems that operate continuously, Interspace Cloud delivers a seamless service experience.

2.Seamless Scalability

Transition between plans to rescale RAM, CPU, and storage capacities, ensuring your server always meets your needs perfectly and facilitating optimal performance and efficient use of resources.

3.Rapid Deployment

Deploy a server with an OS and applications installed and ready for use in just about one minute. Interspace goes even further, it provides you the ability to pre-configure your systems with custom settings before the installation begins, including access details, domains, ports for connections, and other app-specific options.

As a result, the deployment of a fully customized system is completed in an impressively short amount of time, pushing the boundaries of cloud server deployment and customization to new heights. Read more

4.Advanced Networking Options

Effortlessly add or remove public and private IPs, establish and manage private networks, and get full control over your network configurations to suit your specific needs and preferences.

4.1.Cloud Private Network

The Interspace Cloud Private network is a Layer 2 Ethernet network that is isolated and dedicated to a single organization. In this network, your virtual private servers, dedicated servers, metro ethernet endpoints and other cloud systems can communicate directly and free-of-charge over private IPs. Your servers that don't need to be accessed over the Internet can use only private IPs, such as data bases, development environment and other backend services. Read more

4.2.Secure Connections to the Server

Interspace Cloud offers a number of technologies that enable secure connections to your Cloud private network from outside networks such as the Internet.

  • Cloud VPN PointConnect enables individual computers from anywhere in the world to securely connect to your servers and other systems in the cloud, over the Internet.
  • Cloud VPN MultiSite enables entire LAN networks in remote offices or branches to securely interconnect among themselves or access your cloud private network, from anywhere in the world using VPN routers connected on the Internet.
  • Cloud Metro Ethernet integrates the LAN networks of your physical offices with your Cloud Private Network, using direct cable connections to your sites via a fiber network that operates independently of the Internet.
  • Cloud NAT Gateway provides NAT and port-forwarding functionality, enabling both inbound and outbound Internet connections for your virtual servers that have only private IP addresses.
  • Web Console is a free tool that provides browser-based access to your cloud servers, similar to using a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It supports real-time interactions, including OS installation from ISO images. Read more

4.3.High-grade Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity through the Interspace Cloud is powered by our carrier-grade telecommunication network, passionately engineered to ensure the highest quality connections from/to any destination worldwide, boasting unmatched transfer speeds and multi-tier redundancy.

Interspace is a first-class telecom provider, operating its own autonomous system within the global BGP network and an extensive fiber optic network that extends over 3000 km. Our infrastructure includes direct connections to the world's leading tier 1 global networks and strategic regional and local peerings, ensuring we deliver the highest-grade connectivity to professional businesses and service providers. Read more

4.4.Isolated Communication Between Public IPs

Public IP addresses in the Interspace Cloud platform are managed using Private VLAN technology. This advanced technology ensures secure isolation between the customers of Interspace, even when multiple hosts share a common IP subnet that might also contain IP addresses allocated to other customers.

Unlike traditional network setups where hosts in the same subnet can directly exchange Layer 2 traffic as part of the same broadcast domain, Private VLAN technology prevents such direct interactions. Instead, any communication between these hosts must pass through the gateway, similar to how traffic moves between different Layer 3 subnets. This setup prevents potential eavesdropping or tampering with the data traffic between customers' systems.

5.Data Restoration and Protection

Enhance server stability with automatic backups, disaster recovery replication, and protected snapshots, all of which can be managed in just a few clicks. These features are crucial for maintaining availability, safeguarding against data loss and reverting back when testing installations and updates.

5.1.Automatic backups

Automatic Backups are complete copies of your entire virtual server, offering a future point that you can restore to. Unlike the Snapshots that are created manually, Automatic Backups are created without the need for manual intervention.

Automatic Backups are invaluable in situations where where restoring system functionality or recovering data requires reverting to a reliable point in the past. Additionally, they play a crucial role in reducing the costs associated with performing manual backups.

Unlike in typical cloud services, Automatic Backups in Interspace Cloud operate on a user-customized schedule and are stored securely, utilizing a strategy for dual data centers located 100 km apart. Read more

5.2.Disaster recovery replication

Replication is a process of continuous creation of an identical standby copy (called replica) of the primary virtual server in another data center located at a safe distance of at least 100 km. The replication can be activated in one click, whereupon you do not do any activities, in the background the system automatically runs all the complex operations.

In the case of an incident in the primary data center, the replica can be started and continue to run from the disaster recovery data center, without the need of preparing new servers and related infrastructure, as well as restoring from backup copies (if you made a backup copy at all). Read more

5.3.Protected Snapshots

Snapshots are complete copies of your entire virtual server, offering a future point that you can restore to. Unlike the automatic backups that operate on a schedule, Snapshots are created manually with the simple click of a button.

They are particularly valuable for performing updates, testing new applications, or any scenario where restoring system functionality or recovering data requires reverting to a reliable point in the past.

Unlike typical snapshots, Interspace Cloud Snapshots represent a full copy of the server and they are stored securely, utilizing a strategy for dual data centers located 100 km apart. Read more

6.Data Encryption

Elastic Cloud VPS supports virtual Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0, delivering robust protection for your virtual servers. With TPM, you can encrypt virtual disks using BitLocker or other encryption technologies, safeguarding your data from unauthorized access.

This feature ensures that even in a cloud environment, your virtual server's data remains isolated and protected, akin to having your own dedicated physical server.

7.Efficient Web Management

Our secure control panel, My Interspace, is packed with essential features for managing your resources of the Elastic Cloud VPS. These include a web-based console, OS (re)installation, adding/removing public and private IPs, managing cloud private networks, start/stop/reboot functions, snapshot creation, automatic backups, disaster recovery replication, monitoring, and more!

8.Adherence to the Highest Standards

Interspace operates in accordance with the highest standards and adheres to strict procedures, regularly validated through certifications as detailed below:

  • ISO 27001: Certification for our system managing information security.
  • ISO 20000-1: Certification attesting to our management processes for the effective delivery of IT services.
  • ISO 22301: Certification for ensuring business continuity in the event of an incident or disaster.
  • ISO 9001: Certification for our quality management system.
  • ISO 14001: Certification attesting to our responsible environmental management system.
  • License A for network design: The highest accreditation for designing high-grade network infrastructure, including data center systems and fiber optic networks.

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Elastic Cloud VPS is a virtual machine powered by advanced cloud and networking technologies, offering significant advantages over traditional VPS hosting at an unbeatable price to performance ratio.

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