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Cloud Web Hosting vs. Traditional Web Hosting
Understanding the Reliability and Other Advantages of Interspace's Cloud Web Hosting
Cloud Web Hosting represents a web hosting service running on an infrastructure built on advanced cloud and networking technologies, offering significant advantages over traditional web hosting.

Built with future-ready technology, the Interspace Cloud Platform is ready to support the next generation of web sites, making it an ideal environment for your online presence growth. Key features include:

1.High Availability

Unlike traditional web hosting, where web servers are tied to a single physical machine, the Interspace Cloud Web Hosting operate across clusters of redundant hardware resources, spanning multiple datacenters.

This architecture ensures that when part of the infrastructure requires maintenance, whether due to hardware faults or routine improvements, the web servers transition to another operational infrastructure without any downtime. With web servers that operate continuously, Interspace Cloud delivers a seamless service experience.

2.High-Grade Server Infrastructure

All our web hosting plans are based exclusively on high-grade systems, designed to serve business-critical applications. The servers infrastructure is featuring next-gen AMD EPYC processors, ultra-fast NVMe storage, and ECC Registered memory for unmatched reliability.

Hosted in our premium data centers, our web servers ensure maximum uptime and security for your applications. Read more

3.High-grade Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity through the Interspace Cloud is powered by our carrier-grade telecommunication network, passionately engineered to ensure the highest quality connections from/to any destination worldwide, boasting unmatched transfer speeds and multi-tier redundancy.

Interspace is a first-class telecom provider, operating its own autonomous system within the global BGP network and an extensive fiber optic network that extends over 3000 km. Our infrastructure includes direct connections to the world's leading tier 1 global networks and strategic regional and local peerings, ensuring we deliver the highest-grade connectivity to professional businesses and service providers. Read more

4.Data Restoration and Protection

Enhance web server stability with automatic backups and disaster recovery replication. These features are crucial for maintaining availability, safeguarding against data loss and reverting back to a point when the website was in a correct state.

4.1.Automatic Backups for a Website

Automatic backups are full copies of the web hosting account, including all the files, databases and emails, that are made once a day from Monday to Friday. We continuously keep the last 5 copies. Тhe account can be restored with one of the saved copies in one click.

In Interspace web hosting, the backup copies are not kept within the same data center, but in a data center located at a safe distance of at least 100 km. For additional protection, the copies are kept on RAID duplicated storage. Read more

4.2.Disaster recovery replication for a Website

Replication is a process of continuous creation of an identical standby web server (called replica) of the primary web server in another data center located at a safe distance of at least 100 km. It's enabled for every web server, including every web site. You do not need to configure anything or do regular maintenance activities for the replication, the Interspace Cloud Platform automatically runs all the complex operations in the background.

In the case of an incident in the primary data center, the replica will be started and continue to run from the disaster recovery data center, without the need of preparing new servers and related infrastructure, as well as restoring from backup copies. Read more

5.Free and Auto Setup Valid SSL Certificates

In our web hosting plans, a domain-validated SSL Certificate supplied by Comodo will be automatically requested and installed for your domains, without any additional fees. When the SSL certificate expires, a new one will automatically be requested and installed, again without any additional fees.

The SSL certificate covers your primary domain as well as add-on and sub-domains. With this feature you will not have to worry about paying and figuring out how to properly install/renew certificates to protect your web pages with SSL encrypted communication. Read more

6.Seamless Scalability

Transition between plans to rescale the web server capacities, ensuring your web hosting plan always meets your needs perfectly and facilitating optimal performance and efficient use of resources.

7.Efficient Web Management

Our secure control panel, My Interspace, is packed with essential features for managing your resources of the Cloud Web Hosting. Designed with security and efficiency in mind, My Interspace provides everything you need to manage your web hosting.

Furthermore, every web hosting account is further empowered with cPanel, offering many tools for extensive configuration of your web account, including file organization, domain configuration, and more!

8.Adherence to the Highest Standards

Interspace operates in accordance with the highest standards and adheres to strict procedures, regularly validated through certifications as detailed below:

  • ISO 27001: Certification for our system managing information security.
  • ISO 20000-1: Certification attesting to our management processes for the effective delivery of IT services.
  • ISO 22301: Certification for ensuring business continuity in the event of an incident or disaster.
  • ISO 9001: Certification for our quality management system.
  • ISO 14001: Certification attesting to our responsible environmental management system.
  • License A for network design: The highest accreditation for designing high-grade network infrastructure, including data center systems and fiber optic networks.
The content of this document is licensed by Interspace under the MIT License

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