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Fiber Optic Endpoint Device Setup

1.Installation of the Media Converter

The installation process begins with the termination point of our fiber optic line within your premises, where the light waves from the fiber optic cable are converted into electrical signals.

  • Identifying the Media Converter
    Locate the media converter, a small device with an Ethernet port, crucial for bridging our fiber optic network with your existing network infrastructure.
  • Connecting to Router or Layer 3 Device
    Use an RJ-45 patch cable to connect the Ethernet port on the media converter to your router or any Layer 3 network device. This step integrates the high-speed fiber optic network with your local network.

2.Configuring Network Parameters

Following the physical setup, configuring your network device for optimal communication with the fiber optic system is essential.

  • Parameter Configuration
    Refer to the message sent by Interspace when your service was provisioned, for specific IP details and settings to be configured on your Layer 3 device. Correct settings are key to successful data signal interpretation and routing.
  • Connection Testing
    Conduct tests, such as ping tests to external servers, to verify the stability and speed of your new fiber optic connection. Please refer to our detailed guide for Internet connection testing.

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