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Internet Connection Testing

1.Preparing for the Test

Ensuring accurate test results begins with proper setup. To prepare for an effective internet connection test:

  • Utilize a Wired Connection
    Connect your device directly to the modem using an Ethernet cable. This avoids the variability of wireless connections.
  • Sole Usage
    Conduct the test when no other devices are using the internet. This provides a clear picture of the connection’s performance without interference from other activities.
  • Direct Modem Connection
    Connect your testing computer directly to the access device where your internet service is received. This helps in isolating your connection from any internal network issues.

2.Testing Your Connection to Interspace Network

To accurately assess the connection quality between your access device and Interspace’s network:

  • Ping Test to Interspace IP
    Use a ping test directed at our specific IP address ( An optimal latency measurement should be under 2 milliseconds. This test reflects the health and speed of the connection to our network.
  • Note on ICMP Packets
    Be aware that pinging your default gateway might not yield accurate results, as our routers prioritize high-speed routing over responding to ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) packets.

3.Assessing Global Internet Connectivity

For a broader view of your connection’s performance on the global internet:

  • Ping Test to External Servers
    Perform a ping test to an external, reliable server such as Google’s DNS ( This measures the latency and stability of your connection to a well-maintained, global infrastructure. Testing against other external hosts, in order to get more comprehensive understanding of your overall internet performance.
  • Using for Comprehensive Analysis provides detailed information on your connection’s download and upload speeds, which are critical for understanding overall internet performance. The platform allows you to choose different servers to test against, giving you insight into how your connection performs to various locations around the world.

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