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Internet Connectivity and Peerings
Internet connectivity in the Interspace hosting infrastructure is powered by our carrier-grade telecommunication network, passionately engineered to ensure the highest quality connections from/to any destination worldwide, boasting unmatched transfer speeds and multi-tier redundancy.

Interspace is a first-class telecom provider, operating its own autonomous system within the global BGP network and an extensive fiber optic network that extends over 3000 km. Our infrastructure includes direct connections to the world's leading tier 1 global networks and strategic regional and local peerings, ensuring we deliver the highest-grade connectivity to professional businesses and service providers.

1.Connections to Global Providers

The direct connections to global providers enable Interspace's network to enter directly into the core of the Internet through only one provider router. We highlight the direct connections with tier 1 providers Lumen and Arelion, which are in the first two places. The global rank is based on CAIDA AS Rank.

Lumen Technologies (formerly Level 3)
Number 1 in Global Rank. Interconnection by 2 geo independent paths.
Arelion (formerly Telia Carrier)
Number 2 in Global Rank. Interconnection by 2 geo independent paths.
Hurricane Electric
Major global provider. Interconnection by 2 geo independent paths.
Major global provider with quality routes to EMEA/APAC.

2.Connections to Regional & Local Providers

The direct connections to regional and local providers enable superior bandwidth and lower latency between Interspace users and users of these providers, because the traffic is routed directly between our networks on the shortest path possible, rather than through global providers.

Major provider in West Europe headquarted in Switzerland.
Major provider in Europe headquartered in Austria.
Telekom Slovenije
Major provider in South East Europe.
Deutsche Telekom / Macedonian Telecom
Major provider in Europe / Macedonia.

3.Connections to Key Global Service Providers

We establish direct peering with well-known specialized service providers, which enables a significantly better experience in using their services.

Enhances security and performance of web sites
Direct access to Google's vast suite of services and resources.
Offers seamless connectivity to Amazon services for enhanced user experience.
Facilitates optimized delivery of content and services from Facebook's ecosystem.

4.Connections to Internet Exchanges

We exchange traffic with a large number of Internet and hosting providers in the Internet Exchanges, resulting in higher quality bandwidth and lower latency by routing traffic directly between our networks, rather than through global providers.

One of the largest exchange point in Western Europe based in Amsterdam.
One of the largest Internet exchange points in the Balkans.
Renowned exchange point in Eastern and Central Europe.
Macedonian Internet exchange point.

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