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Revolutionizing Automation in Cloud Server Deployments
Pushing the boundaries of cloud server deployment and customization to new heights
The Interspace Cloud Platform has long enabled the rapid deployment of systems on cloud servers, delivering servers complete with OS and applications, ready for use in approximately one minute. This swift deployment feature has been available in other leading cloud platforms as well.

Now, Interspace is proud to announce an extraordinary enhancement to the Interspace Cloud Platform: the ability for users to pre-configure their systems with custom settings before the installation begins. This upgrade introduces a powerful innovation in the world of server deployment automation where time and efficiency are of the essence.

The process is remarkably straightforward: A single click initiates the installation, and users are presented with an intuitive, pre-installation setup form. This form collects essential information, including access details, domains, ports for remote connections and other application-specific parameters.

As a result, the deployment of a fully customized system is completed within a minute, including the installation of the operating systems and apps with customized configuration. This impressively short amount of time for such a complex installation sets new standard for efficiency and user customization in cloud computing.

This feature is available when new servers are deployed but can also be utilized to reinstall the system on existing servers.

Sample Pre-Installation Setup Form

Below is a sample pre-installation setup form for deploying WordPress LEMPP, an all-in-one package that integrates WordPress, Linux Debian, Nginx, MariaDB, PHP and phpMyAdmin.

All necessary information is gathered prior to the commencement of the installation. The pre-filled passwords and other values are randomly autogenerated for convenience. This ensures a smooth and automated configuration throughout the installation process, tailored to your specifications.

About the Interspace Cloud Platform

Built on a future-ready, elastic infrastructure, the Interspace Cloud Platform is designed to support evolving business-critical applications. It allows for dynamic adjustments by adding or removing resources and features such as IPs, private networks, and backup and disaster recovery options with ease. Transitioning between plans to rescale RAM, CPU, and storage capacities is straightforward, ensuring that your server always aligns perfectly with your needs.

Our platform is renowned for its advanced architectural design, the result of Interspace's commitment to in-house innovation and software development. By adopting the latest technology and development practices, we guarantee peak performance, scalability and security.

Join us in exploring the future of cloud computing. Visit to learn more about our cloud products and services.

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